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Legacy Society

The University of South Alabama established the Legacy Society to celebrate and thank those individuals who share our vision to make a difference in the lives of those we serve through promoting discovery, health, and learning. Should you choose to include USA or USA Health in your will or other estate plans, we would be honored to know of your intentions and have you as a member of our Legacy Society.

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Legacy Society Members

David and Sherry Allison
Owen and Genie Bailey
Mr. Frank Barbaree*
Dr. Christy Sones Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Bickel*
Ms. Barbara T. Booker*
Frank* and Jean Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Charlton
Todd and Joni Cheney
Dr. Marjorie E. Scaffa and Dr. S. Blaise Chromiak
Dr. Harold S. Cohen*
Dr. Patsy Covey* and Mr. Leeman Covey
Sharrie & Doug Cranford
Mr. Joseph Robert Curtis*
Carrie Bernice Davis
Honorable M. Donald Davis and Dr. Elizabeth Davis
George V. and L. Jane Davis, Jr.
Matthew and Angela Dunn
Mr. James D. Duvall III
Ms. Patricia Elbagoury
Joan Exline*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Finan
Dr. Nestor W. Flodin*
Ellie Tutwiler & Paul Fox
Liz and Jud Freeman
Eleanor Ruth and Clarence M. Frenkel Jr. *
Dr. Steve Furr and Mrs. Lisa Furr
Ms. Margarette Griffin*
Mr. Mark J. Hanrahan*
Dr. Robert O. and Katherine B. Harris*
B. Keith and Leora Ann Harrison
Mr. Edmund C. Havard Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hays*
Freddie and Veronica Hudson
Ms. Betty J. Huff
Mr. William Van Jackson
Christopher and Katie Jett
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Keating
Patsy and Ray Kennedy
Mr. Ronald C. Kimball and Dr. Sytske Kamminga Kimball
Ms. Judy Ann Kirkland
Mr. Steven Glenn Kittrell and Ms. Carol Kittrell
Ms. LeDora Knight
Mrs. Jeannette G. Kretzer*
Mr. Kenneth C. Kvalheim
Mr. John C. and Mrs. Catharine H. Long
Laureen H. Lynn
Ms. Cindy Manderson*
Bobby and Gerry Marks
Mr. Julien E. Marx*
Beth and Peyton Mattei
Mr. and Mrs. R.B. McCrory
Josh and Abbie McCullough
Ms. Helen Marlene Nelson Mckenna
Mr. Charles E. McNeil Sr. *
Mr. and Mrs.* Herbert A. Meisler
Janice S. Mendenhall
Lloyd and Aimee Meyers
Judith Zellner Miller
Mr. Abraham A. Mitchell
Mr.* & Mrs. Mayer Mitchell
President Emeritus* and Mrs. V. Gordon Moulton
Mrs. Beverly J. Nelson-Dykes
Dr. and Mrs.* Charles W. Newell
Mr. Arthur R. Outlaw*
Mr. Robert Grody Patterson*
Mary L. Peck
Gregory and Jacqueline Pettaway
Ms. Vera M. Reed
Dr. Marjorie E. Scaffa and Dr. S. Blaise Chromiak
Ms. Marsha Schwartz
Ms. Katherine A. Scott*
Joe and Audrey* Shewmake
Ms. Barbara A. Sims*
Cris Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Smith*
Aloyis Sonneborn*
Dr. W. Terry Stallings
Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Starnes*
Paul and Shannon Taylor
Mrs. Janet R. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Thompson
Dr. Ameina S. Tressler and Mr. David M. Tressler
Dr. Frank R. Urbancic*
Dr. Jean L. Watts*
Mr. Douglas Lawrence Whitmore
Dr. Alvin Jerome Williams
Mrs. Anne Griffin Wright*
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Yance
Mr. Charles D. Zucker*

*indicates deceased